Improved upper bounds in the moving sofa problem

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A linear-time algorithm for the maximum-area inscribed triangle in a convex polygon

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Locally optimal 2-periodic sphere packings

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On the records

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Dynamics of beneficial epidemics

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On the Form and Growth of Complex Crystals: The Case of Tsai-Type Clusters

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Paradoxes in Leaky Microbial Trade

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Free energy of singular sticky-sphere clusters

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The random packing density of nearly spherical particles

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The local optimality of the double lattice packing

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Scaling collapse at the jamming transition

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When is the ball a local pessimum for covering?

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Pessimal packing shapes

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Marginal stability in jammed packings: quasicontacts and weak contacts

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The 3-ball is a local pessimum for packing

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Jammed lattice sphere packings

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Inextensible domains

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Statistical mechanics of the lattice sphere packing problem

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Dense-packing crystal structures of physical tetrahedra

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Upper bound on the packing density of regular tetrahedra and octahedra

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Method for dense packing discovery

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Dense periodic packings of tetrahedra with small repeating units

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